The Cricket Trailer Mobile Camper

Chirp if You Like Camping

the cricket trailer!

If you’re like us, your idea of roughing it is a cute, refurbished motor court in Texas or a friend’s family cabin in the Catskills. Stick us in a tent, and we curse the outdoors.

But here’s something that’s kind of halfway between the two: the Cricket Trailer (pictured).

Invented by a guy who designed the astronauts’ living area on the International Space Station, every Cricket is built to order. You can get just the shell ($10,000) and use gear you already have. An additional $4,000 gets you a kitchen cabinet, sink, hot water heater, couch, fridge, and table. Really committing to the outdoor life? The $17,000 version comes with a two-burner cooktop, shower, portable toilet, heating or AC, and a bed.

Made mostly of aluminum, wood, and steel, the aerodynamic and lightweight trailer can be pulled by a regular car and fits inside a standard garage. We at least like the idea of the Cricket, even if seventeen thou is more than we’ll ever spend for time in the woods.

For more information, call 713-861-2540 or go to crickettrailer.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Cricket Trailer

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