5 Proper Gifts for Polished Prepsters

Sid and Ann Mashburn's Stylish Gifts

5 proper gifts for polished prepsters!

Some couples have towels. Others, separate closets or DVRs. Husband-and-wife team Sid and Ann Mashburn top them all with his-and-her boutiques brimming with classic, ever-so-quirky looks and accessories.

Gingham Button-Down, $145-$175
A patterned, well-tailored shirt suits Big Sis (Ms. Perfect Pants behind her back) and her hubby (The Skipper to his face). Ditch matchy-matchy and get them each their favorite hue. She will think it’s wild.

Filson Zippered Tote, $129.50
Your new guy’s tattered duffel from his glory days has got to go. Soften the blow with a rugged carryall that works as an everyday briefcase or overnight bag.

Butter Nail Lacquer, $14
Not sure what to get your chatty — albeit lovable — office mate for the awkward work exchange? Cheeky, color-saturated polishes (Come to Bed Red, Snog) will keep her occupied so you can finally get some work done.

Swims Umbrella, $95
Your trusty dog walker comes hell or high water. Make sure she’s weatherproof with a sleek, bright orange-handled umbrella that has push-button action and opens quickly during sneaky pooch jailbreaks.

Maguba Clogs, $145
Thank your favorite aunt for years of covering your tracks with a pair of quirky Swedish clompers that come in a rainbow of colors.

Sid Mashburn, 1198 Howell Mill Road, West Midtown (404-350-7135 or sidmashburn.com); Ann Mashburn, 1198 Howell Mill Road, West Midtown (404-350-7132 or annmashburn.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Ann Mashburn

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