Crafty Gifts from ICE's Pop-Up Shop

stitch-happy gifts for crafters!

You’re all thumbs when it comes to DIY. Good thing you can just B-U-Y all your presents at ICE’s inaugural indie pop-up shop housing more than 100 artists from near and far (Portland, Brooklyn, San Francisco, Chicago). Bonus: It’s open daily through December 30 and will even gift wrap your loot. We give it ten thumbs up.

Fashionable Notes Totes, $20-$25
Coax your neighbor out of his throwaway habit and gift him a canvas market bag displaying quips like “Real men don’t carry paper or plastic.

Abbey Christine Finger Puppets, $15-$17
While it’s likely your munchkin’s best bud won’t see past the fun felt shapes, the awesome pop culture references (Mad Men, Willie Nelson) are sure to give his mom and dad a chuckle.

Alison Bear Jewelry Design Rings, $58
Show your design school cousin there’s light at the end of the tunnel with a SCAD alum’s statement-making accessories constructed from vintage glass, fabric, and buttons.

Xoelle Bow Ties, $36
Give some style to your bookish brother-in-law’s staid uniform with dapper madras-print neckwear. The nerd’s got the classic knot down pat.

Lovelane Tea Towels, $13
Choosing a small gift for Dad’s girlfriend-of-the-minute doesn’t have to be as awkward as their relationship is. Absorbent flour sack cotton with a Lucky Cat will sop up any mess.

ICE Holiday Pop-Up Shop, at The Woodruff Arts Center, Memorial Arts Building, 1280 Peachtree Street, gallery 100, Midtown (404-213-4217 or ice-atlanta.com).

Photo: Courtesy of ICE

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