Custom Pecanpillows Made of Ecofriendly Felt

Snuggly Portraits of Your Besties


On a scale of one to creepy, manscaping your significant other is a solid eight.

Here to push things over the edge: Pecanpillows’s portrait cushions, sewn in the likeness of your favorite person.

Simply provide Elizabeth Crouse a photo of your beloved (or for the egomaniac, one’s own mug shot), and she’ll whip together a noggin in just two weeks. She begins with a sketch, then replicates it with felt made from recycled plastic.

Looking for less stalkery kitsch? Opt for one in the guise of your pooch. Crouse masters the facial features of breeds like the Labrador, English bulldog, and Boston terrier.

Custom pieces range from $33 to $50 — a small price to pay for face time.

Available online at pecanpillows.com or pecanpillows.etsy.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Pecanpillows

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