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Sit Down for Good n Gracious Ricotta Cookies

A Gourmet Afternoon Snack

good n gracious ricotta cookies!

Your midday sugar cravings are usually quieted with on-the-go, drugstore-variety snacks.

Instead, pull up a chair (yes, actually sit) and savor Good n Gracious’s gourmet ricotta cookies. Rick and Susie Berta have been making the humble, small-batch dessert for 39 years using premium but simple ingredients like vanilla, milk, sugar, eggs, ricotta cheese, and butter.

A tea cake-and-shortbread hybrid, each cookie comes topped with vanilla icing for just the right amount of sweetness. (We like them best with a cup of tea.)

Both small (twelve-fifteen cookies) and large (25-29) orders ship straight from the couple’s kitchen in a fresh-locked container and can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three weeks. Though we wouldn’t fault you for devouring them in one sitting.

Good n Gracious (770-253-3418 or goodngracious.com), $8-$12.

Photo: Courtesy of Good n Gracious

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