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Swirly Buns Are a New Spin on Breakfast

A Quick Fix for the Baking Challenged

swirly buns!

Countless Toaster Strudel, Pop-Tart, and Eggo mornings have led to the same conclusion: bake-and-take breakfast snacks taste like cardboard.

Upgrade to Swirly Buns, wonderfully gooey, preservative-free pastries made for those with little time and even less culinary know-how.

Painstakingly hand-rolled by husband-and-wife baking team Roger and Dana Reyes, the all-natural, doughy treats come in both sweet and savory varieties: cranberry, apple, or lemon are ideal for fruit fiends; Nutella, chocolate marshmallow, and toffee provide an early a.m. sugar rush; and almond and cheese or the original ham and cheese pairs perfectly with a hot cup of coffee.

Simply pop one of the individually packaged treats into the microwave for ten to twenty seconds — then devour. And they freeze beautifully, so you can do it all over again tomorrow. It’s one morning routine you’ll look forward to.

Available online at swirlybuns.com, $13-$22 per dozen.

Photo: Courtesy of Swirly Buns