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Impress Guests with Red Queen Tarts

Like Pop-Tarts but Better

red queen tarts!

The last time you threw a dinner party, your chocolate souffle was a flop (literally).

Leave the dessert course to Red Queen Tarts, a local line of organic, bite-size pies that requires minimal effort. (What? We have no kitchen skills.) Baker Candice Reynolds fills her just-like-Grandma’s, whole-wheat crust with a variety of bold flavors (lemon-blueberry, port-poached pear).

A simple reheat in the toaster or regular oven ensures you have time to play hostess. And even the most civilized guests will be scrambling for seconds of ruby red marmalade, prosecco fig and brie, roasted pumpkin, and cranberry.

Starting February 7, Reynolds will offer Valentine’s Day-inspired brandy and sour cherry with dark chocolate ganache. Simply top with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and serve.

Now, if only there were such easy fixes for other party fouls.

Available by phone or e-mail order (770-789-5258 or redqueentarts@gmail.com), $24 for a box of six.

Photo: Courtesy of Red Queen Tarts