A New Holiday Role Model

A New Holiday Role Model

Dedicated Video: Barbie "A Perfect Christmas" DVD

You may think perfect Christmas is the most underrated oxymoron out there. Whether it’s the wonky tree lights, the overdone ham, or the aunties who spat, something always manages to wrinkle the plan, right?

Once your daughter has watched the all-new BarbieTM DVD (and displayed her free-with-purchase BarbieTM merch from select retailers), she’ll be the first to tell you otherwise.

A snowstorm diverts the New York-bound holiday flight of BarbieTM and her three sisters, stranding the girls in a remote town called Tannenbaum. Needless to say, their initial reaction is glum.

But the clan opts to make the best of it, embracing new friends and experiences and holding to what’s really important at Christmas: the joy of being together.

Your daughter clearly gets her rosy outlook on life from you.

Learn more about A Perfect Christmas online at barbie.com/perfectchristmas and purchase the DVD at select retailers to receive free BarbieTM merchandise.