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Gobble Gobble Turkey Meatballs Recipe

Gobble Gobble Turkey Meatballs Recipe

Simple Instructions from The Meatball Shop

We like to think we’re mature enough to resist an obvious double entendre when it presents itself.

But when talking about the new cookbook from the guys behind New York’s popular Meatball Shop restaurants, we seized the opportunity by the balls. The meatballs, to be exact.

For today’s videos, we asked chefs Daniel Holzman and Michael Chernow to make three simple recipes from The Meatball Shop Cookbook, all perfect for holiday feasting: Gobble Gobble turkey meatballs (above), kabocha squash salad, and ginger cookies.

They also demo’ed a great-for-wintry-nights port toddy that’s not in the book — we just felt like drinking during the shoot. A ballsy move? Perhaps.

At least one of the chefs isn’t a Schweddy.

Get the meatballs recipe.
The Meatball Shop Cookbook is available online at amazon.com, $28.