Albertine Workspace Opens

Albertine Workspace Opens

Kyung and the Dressless

Sure, you could commission a custom designer dress — and risk being homeless once you get the bill.

Or you could go to Albertine Workspace, where charming owner/genius Kyung Lee is churning out beautiful bespoke pieces at off-the-rack prices.

In our latest video, Lee takes us through the whole process — from picking out styles and fabrics to trying on (and loving) the final product.

She knows what looks good and won’t lead you astray (seriously, you’ll want her to be your best friend). Plus, she’s been known to break out prosecco from time to time.

And you won’t have to drink it from a brown paper bag.

Albertine Workspace, 19 Christopher Street, between Greenwich Avenue and Waverly Place (212-924-8515).