Eskayel Bespoke Wallpaper

Eskayel Bespoke Wallpaper

Adhere Me Out

You’re pretty glad your walls can’t talk (the smell of your former tenement building said enough when you moved in).

But if they could, they’d beg to be dressed up in Eskayel’s amazing line of kaleidoscopic wallpaper.

In our video today, Williamsburg artist and Central Saint Martins grad Shanan Campanaro shows us how she makes her dreamy, nature-derived designs, from the original painting to its digital manipulation.

Choose from one of Campanaro’s prefab works, or tell her what hues and patterns you’re looking for (light, dark; crazy, tame) and she’ll whip something up, subject to your approval. It’s all printed locally on premium water-resistant, easy-to-clean paper.

Better than your old scratch ’n’ sniff.

To see styles, go to eskayel.com. For custom orders, e-mail info@eskayel.com. Available online at wallpapercollective.com.

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