The Cure for the Common Run

The Cure for the Common Run

We Take Kangoo Jumps Exercise Shoes for a Field Test

That elusive runner’s high. We’ve heard about it, but until now, it seemed as hard to find as a flight out of Iceland.

We might be getting closer though (literally) with Kangoo Jumps, rebound exercise shoes that make you feel like you’re on a miniature trampoline.

The manufacturer, predictably, suggests major advantages of wearing them while jogging, claiming everything from improved posture to joint protection (less jarring on the knees) to just a harder overall workout. They are, however, exceedingly weird looking.

But before we recommended them to you, we had to try them ourselves, accompanied by Mario Jone’t Green, Kangoo Jumps’s New York rep (he calls himself “Avatar”). What we got: a lot of attention. A lot. But also a pretty intense workout.

And now we finally understand that whole “high” thing.

Available online at kangoojumps.com, $230-$290.

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