An Easy Updo for Shorter Hair

An Easy Updo for Shorter Hair

A Quick Tutorial from The Drawing Room New York

You perfected messy side buns, around-the-head braids, and sleek chignons. Then you got a haircut and could barely muster a ponytail.

Don’t fret. In today’s video, hair genius Adrienne Saczko of The Drawing Room New York demos a beautiful, easy updo for chin-to-shoulder-length locks. All you need is a curling iron (or hot rollers, if that’s easier), hairspray, bobby pins, and your own two hands.

Once you get the style down, feel free to tighten with more pins (or loosen with fewer) and adorn it with your own accessories.

Preferably not mistletoe.

Want more ideas? Check out our gallery of nine easy holiday hairdos. For more information on The Drawing Room New York, go to thedrawingroomny.com.