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How to Make Thai Coconut Soup

How to Make Thai Coconut Soup

Delicious Soups from Sarah Simmons

If Old Man Winter were a real person, we’d have to defriend and unfollow him. Dude needs to chill with the snow and ice.

His one redeeming quality: Giving us an excuse to eat tomato soup and grilled cheese all the time (got to get warm somehow).

To help us retain body heat, we asked home chef Sarah Simmons for her best tomato soup recipe. Instead, she gave us five — all starting with the same mirepoix base, and ranging from a Thai coconut version (demo’ed in the video above) to a spicy, fire-roasted bisque. Visit our gallery for pictures, full recipes, and more videos.

The recipes are so easy and good we’re almost sad to think about winter ending. Almost.

For more recipes and information on Simmons, go to sarahmcsimmons.com.

Special thanks: The Brooklyn Kitchen