Learning Is Fun with Pocket Literacy Coach

Games and Activities to Play with Your Kids

playing with your kids!

You thought having kids would be all fun and games — until you realized you didn’t know any games.

Play this one out at Pocket Literacy Coach, a new website that texts simple, educational, and age-appropriate activities to your phone five times a week.

Dr. Chris Drew (who holds a Ph.D. in literacy studies) works with a team of educators from across the country to create activities that help parents incorporate learning opportunities at home. His research and experience have shown that kids who are exposed to more diverse concepts and varied language perform better in school.

But don’t confuse Pocket Literacy’s texts with homework: This is the opposite of “sit down and do your worksheet.” Kids ages 2 to 12 go on scavenger hunts for numbers, learn addition and subtraction by way of pizza, and make patterns with claps and stomps. Each week focuses on a different theme: phonics, the alphabet, math, or healthy eating, just to name a few.

And unlike most other apps, which get loaded onto the iPad and handed over, the PLC requires that you engage with your child and learn something new together.

Now doesn’t that sound like fun?

Available online at pocketliteracy.com, $6 per month (first month is free with code FreePLC).

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