Culinarium Brings Your Countertop to Life

Modern, Industrial Kitchenwares

culinarium industrial kitchenwares!

Kitchen, 3 a.m.

Salt: Psst. Peps, you awake?

Pepper: This better be good. I was just dreaming about baked potatoes.

S: Olive oil heard a rumor we’re getting new digs.

P: Great news! This circa-’72 grinder has lost its zest.

S: They’re from Culinarium, a new kitchenwares line by former construction manager Jordan Castro. He uses industrial materials like sandblasted aluminum, compressed paper, and fine-grain recycled concrete to craft minimalist shakers, cellars, and mills.

Dishcloth: You cooking staples get all the perks. I’m living in rags here!

S: Then you’ll relish your new wall-mounted towel cleat.

Cleaver: Okay, now I’m jealous. My weathered wooden block is so boring.

S: You’ll be cutting out of there soon enough. There’s a charcoal-colored magnetic knife strip with your name on it.

Oregano: What about me? I ain’t chopped lavender, you know.

S: Oh, there are big plans for all you herbs. Think frosted-glass test tubes with cork tops.

P: Variety truly is the spice of life.

Available online at culinarium.etsy.com, $12-$89.

Photo: Courtesy of Culinarium

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