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Sorry, Marge, We're ButterGirls

Rich and Delicious Baked Goods

buttergirl baking co.!

With apologies to Betty Botter, we’ve never known butter not to make a bitter batter better.

Laurelyn Roberts would agree. The owner of Somerville-based ButterGirl Baking Co. unapologetically embraces the golden stuff’s goodness to churn out rich-as-Beckham baked treats.

A committed butter enthusiast ever since a margarine-and-popcorn calamity as a child (we’ve been there), Roberts makes it the base of her desserts. The results: full-bodied oatmeal cookies studded with almonds and coconut, supple brownies in flavors like mocha and raspberry, and a chocolate chip cookie that’ll turn you off that faux-dairy nonsense forever.

Roberts customizes her treats for special occasions, like personalized brown sugar shortbread for a family reunion or starfish and sand dollar cookies for a late-summer seaside shindig. And for returning Boston coeds, there’s an ongoing student cookie plan.

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Available online at buttergirlbaking.com, $15-$20.

Photo: Courtesy of ButterGirl Baking Co.