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Dandy 911 On-Demand Ties, Socks, and Spats

Sartorial Coverage Gents Can Count On

dandy 911!

Wardrobe malfunctions happen to the best-dressed gents (bouillabaisse on a bow tie) and worst-dressed bros (spaghetti splatter on a team tee).

For men in sartorial straits and women looking to drop a hint, there’s Dandy 911. The new same-day delivery service from Fine and Dandy Shop brings proper neckwear, socks, and small accessories to dudes — distinguished or otherwise — via bike.

Simply shoot Dandy 911 an email. After hammering out logistics, owner Matt Fox personally carts the new scarf, cuff links, or spats on his trusty blue Schwinn. Ladies, take note: Each piece is fine enough to wear even if you’re not packing a package.

Fox covers Manhattan from 14th to 89th Streets, but you can ask politely for extended service. Delivery usually takes a few hours and is free for orders of at least $49 (ties mainly). Less expensive effects (flasks, bow ties, hats, pocket squares) require five additional bones.

And possibly two additional balls.

Available by email order (dandy911@fineanddandyshop.com). To see styles, go to fineanddandyshop.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Matt Fox