Take a LashDip at SkinHealth

Say Good-Bye to Mascara

lashdip eyelash treatment!

You never let them see you cry — mostly because raccoon eyes aren’t your idea of sexy.

But you might get a little misty over LashDip, a new semipermanent salon treatment that gives you lush eye fringe minus the muss of makeup.

Here’s the skinny: Settle back and close your eyes while technician Carmen Vanderheiden slowly applies a hypoallergenic ink with a series of tiny microfiber brushes to upper lashes — bottom lashes, too, if you ask. In one hour you’ll walk out with eyelid hairs that are darker, curlier, and fuller than those seen in nature (except maybe on Bambi). 

Results last six weeks, with a free touch-up halfway through. Once the effects fade, Vanderheiden removes the remaining product and starts over (the process can be repeated into perpetuity).

No need to hold back the tears.

Available at SkinHealth Centers, 73 Newbury Street, Back Bay (617-267-7546 or skinhealthcenters.com), $200.

Photo: I love images / Getty Images

mascara!If you can’t make it to the salon, get dramatic lashes at home with mascara or play up your lips instead.

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