Room 68 Gets to the Meat of Emerging Design

Your New Go-To Modern Home Shop

room 68 opens!

Your furniture has a first name; it’s I-K-E-A. Your furniture has a second name; it’s H-A-N-D-M-E-D-O-W-N-S.

Do we need to spell it out? Do your humble abode a favor and head to Room 68, the just-opened Jamaica Plain storefront that provides both a peerless showcase for contemporary design and a one-stop shop for modern home makeovers.

Comrades Nick Siemaska, Eric Portnoy, and Brent Refsland draw upon their backgrounds in furniture collecting and restoration to assemble a capsule assortment of arresting creations. Their all-killer, no-filler approach means every piece seizes attention.

Local work takes center stage, from Jacob Kulin’s oak-and-aluminum hallway bench and Debra Folz’s barnacle-adorned keepsake box to Katrine Hildebrandt’s handblown glass pieces. Emerging designers from New York and Europe also get their due recognition.

Though the inventory is strictly contemporary, the space melds old and new with its minimalist, gray-washed floor and ornate, pressed-tin ceiling.

No bologna.

Room 68, 68 South Street, Jamaica Plain (617-942-7425).

Photo: Courtesy of Room 68

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68 South St
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