Nourish Your Skin with S.S. Bath Soaps

Your New Morning Routine

s.s. soap co.!

Your shower caddy gold: shampoo infused with caviar essence and a body buff made of the humanely harvested hair fibers of Himalayan goat kids. Its dirty secret? A disintegrating bar of Irish Spring.

Time to get your suds up to snuff with the handmade finery of S.S. Soap Co.

Stephanie Sousa began making her own soaps after realizing big-bar conglomerates remove glycerin from their products. Using a cold-press system, she molds raw ingredients like honeysuckle and cocoa powder into bars that lather like magic.

Scents read like a smoothie menu: strawberry banana with blueberry seeds, vanilla pomegranate with Dead Sea salt and sugar. Whipped body balms soften instantly, thanks to coconut oil and unrefined African shea butter, and tub aficionados can soak away their worries in a little chocolate goat’s milk.

It’s pure indulgence.

Available online at etsy.com, $2-$20.

Photo: Courtesy of S.S. Soap Co.