NouriShea Salves Smooth Your Edges

A Moisture-Rich Body Care Line


Skin SATs
Section 1: Verbal Analogies

winter : cold

a) elbows : ashen
b) shins : scaly
c) forehead : flaky
d) all of the above

You’re already feeling tested by hide-harassing November temps. The answer? Direct your dermis toward NouriShea’s curative creams.

As a child in Lagos, Nigeria, Victoria Francis received raw shea-butter rubdowns from her savvy mom. When researching natural solutions to her own children’s skin ailments, the Hyde Park resident went back to her roots — and birthed a business.

Francis’s calming balms contain concentrated levels of shea butter. Body washes, in wake-up fragrances like mango and sandalwood, surprise with their richness; a thick-as-frosting body cream absorbs faster than light moisturizers. The hair care line offers copious conditioning without overloading finer strands.

Made with sustainably sourced paraben-free ingredients and fair trade, certified organic West African shea butter, all products score high on the ecoscale.

We’re hooked. No question about it.

Available online at nourishea.com, $2.50-$29.

natural beauty!Ditch the dirty chemicals. There’s a lot more natural beauty in store for you.

Photo: Courtesy of NouriShea