2011 Girls' Holiday Gift Guide

This One's for the Ladies

nightbyrd duvet!

The ladies in your life accomplished a ton this year. Honor their milestones.

New Homeowner
She just U-Hauled it all to a wee starter condo. Instantly brighten the space with NightByrd’s metallic sky duvet set, available at J.E.M. Ward off the inevitable buyer’s remorse with a home repair workshop at nonprofit Boston Building Resources.

Blushing Bride-to-Be
Give in to your BFF’s stone-centric behavior with the new Gemstone Vitality treatment at The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, which incorporates the healing powers of locally mined garnet, tourmaline, smoky quartz, and amethyst into a 110-minute full-body overhaul (starting January 1).

international rescue committee!Freshly Minted PhD
Now that she’s Dr. Esoteric, commemorate her smarty-pants achievements with an education donation to the International Rescue Committee; $52 finances an Afghan girl’s schooling for a year.

Sudden Blueblood
Your co-worker traced her genealogy and discovered unknown Mayflower ancestors. Bow before her with an authentic, handmade Nantucket basket from the newly expanded GrayMist Studio & Shop. When the highborn cocktail circuit proves too much, send a soothing chocolate turtles care package — wasp waists are overrated anyway.

stages of beauty!First-Time Parent
Momma bear spends her days wrapped up in baby. Envelop her in a hand-printed pashmina from local artist Susy Pilgrim Waters, available at Gracie Finn. Then help repair her neglected skin with antiaging products tailored to the needs of different age groups from Cambridge-based Stages of Beauty.

Let’s hear it for the girls.

Photos: Courtesy of Nightbyrd; Peter Biro / Courtesy of IRC; Courtesy of Stages of Beauty

Want more ideas? We have more gifts for girls than you have names on your shopping list.

Boston Building Resources
100 Terrace St
Boston, MA 02120
Gracie Finn
18 Union Park St
Boston, MA 02118
470 Shawmut Ave
Boston, MA 02118
GrayMist Studio & Shop
364 Huron Ave
Cambridge, MA 02138
776 Boylston St
Boston, MA 02199