A Holiday Gift Guide with the Boys in Mind

Tokens of Your Affection

general knot!

Dude’s lost without you. Make your hapless fella happy with fun-as-Fozzie gifts that also shore up his shortcomings.

He loses style points even when he’s dressed to the nines. Gussy up your little number with a Native Son wool suit from Uncle Pete’s topped off with a New England-made, repurposed wool necktie (pictured) from General Knot & Co.

Accidental Tourist
His weekend getaways consist of tall boys and couch-crashing. Whet his wanderlust with a tour of the newly opened Vermont Spirits Distilling Co. before bedding down at the incomparable Woodstock Inn & Resort.

seth rolland!Ikea Loyalist
They don’t call him the hex wrench master for nothing. Ease him into adult decor with an accordion-patterned wooden vase from Seth Rolland and Nervous System’s rippled Reaction cups, both available at Room 68.

Shy Guy
Your steady still gets sweaty when making the first move. Get his juices flowing during a boudoir photography session at Ma Cherie Studios.

Couch Potato
Last time he hit the gym, Blink-182 was on his scroll-wheel iPod. Jump-start his fitness routine with a 3-D dodgeball game at Sky Zone’s indoor trampoline park. A Porter Square Porter (or six) from Slumbrew rewards his newfound motivation.

Mr. Messy wrote the book on disorganization. Let him gather his belongings in a Forestbound WWII leather and canvas carryall.

We still love you, man.

Photos: Courtesy of General Knot; Frank Ross / Courtesy of Seth Rolland; Jeff Allen / Courtesy of Forestbound

Vermont Spirits Distillery Co
5573 E Woodstock Rd
Quechee, VT 05001
Uncle Pete's
119 Charles St
Boston, MA 02114
91 Sprague St
ste b
Boston, MA 02136
68 South St
Boston, MA 02130
Woodstock Inn
14 The Green
Woodstock, VT 05091