If The Shirt Fits

Wittlebee Kids' Clothing Club Delivers

wittlebee delivers clothes!

Popular opinion holds that you can’t reinvent the wheel. But apparently the box is up for grabs.

The latest entry in the box-of-the-month club is Wittlebee, a service that delivers a customized package of basic kids’ clothes right to your door. Think onesies, leggings, tees, socks — all the items your little beanstalk outgrows faster than you can say “I need to do a Target run.”

For $40 a month, you get eight pieces (Gap, Carter’s, American Apparel) selected to meet your needs. No, it’s not magic — it’s excellent customer service. After you subscribe, a stylist contacts you to discuss your kiddo’s fashion sensibility. Are short sleeves more important than long sleeves? Do you like patterns or solids? Are you looking for gender-neutral colors or do butterflies fly in your house?

Our first box arrived with a mix of essentials (a plain white tee) and feminine prints (heart leggings) capturing our “girly but not too girly” instructions. Monthly deliveries can be paused or stopped at any time, and stylists are assigned to your family for the duration of your membership, so they get a chance to know your needs.

Ensuring that clothes go out of the box — and into your drawers.

Available online at wittlebee.com, $40 per month.

Photo: Courtesy of Wittlebee