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Your forthcoming decorating memoir: Lacking Sense & Sensibility.

Rewrite your aesthetic with Ampersand Vintage Modern’s online collection of character-rich furniture and accents.

Fellow vintage obsessives Andy Crepeau and Clytie Sadler comb auctions, estate sales, antiques malls, and friends’ and families’ basements to unearth nonpareil midcentury and earlier-era upholstery, accessories, and artwork.

After completing restoration work, they go live with the latest batch of reasonably priced gems, from a Danish modern teak dresser to a 1930s iron and brass desk lamp. Locals can scope out the wares in-person at the office before ordering online or arranging in-town delivery for larger pieces.

Hankering for a collection of industrial drafting stools or bummed you missed that slat bench in their Archives section? Commission the team to source the nearest approximation of your coveted objet d’maison.

Your new working title? A Home Full of Pride & Joy.

Available online at ampersandvintagemodern.com, $5-$2,000. To make an appointment to see the goods, call 508-472-0062 or email info@ampersandvintagemodern.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Ampersand Vintage Modern