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Night Shift Brewing Thinks Outside the Six-Pack

The Cure for What Ales You

night shift brewing launches!

Ninety-nine bottles of blah beer in your fridge,
All of which hold zip appeal.
You take one out
Put it back with a pout
Ninety-nine bottles of blah beer in your fridge.

Burst into a new song: The well-versed upstarts at Night Shift Brewing will change your drinking tune.

Roommates Michael Oxton, Rob Burns, and Mike O’Mara launched their Everett-based label with a hopped-up vision of turning microbrews on their head. Their three small-batch debuts — a deep chocolate stout, a honey-tinged amber ale, and a hoppy Belgian — use unorthodox ingredients like green tea, lemon grass, and ginger that result in heretical yet delicious drafts.

The trio spent five years bottling their vision, home-brewing into the wee hours and perfecting their recipes at in-home tasting parties. They source as many ingredients as possible from local micro-outfits (Taza Chocolate, Mem Tea Imports) and even donate their spent grain to the Hadley-based Maple Valley Creamery.

It’s all music to our mouth.

Sample the wares tomorrow, 9-11 p.m., at Crimson Lounge, Tommy Doyle’s, 96 Winthrop Street, Harvard Square (617-864-0655 or tommydoyles.com). For tasting events and retailers, go to nightshiftbrewing.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Night Shift Brewing 

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