Our All-Time Favorite Kid Lit

83 Kids' Books You Should Own

the definitive kids starter library!

Picture this: your kids’ bookshelves filled with old-timers, new classics, and bedtime tales that are anything but a snooze. We picked our all-time favorite lit for littles.

an awesome book!The Web Sensation
The self-published book gets a re-release from a big-time publisher. The perfect illustration of what happens when you dream big.
eloise!The Classic
She’s our favorite New Yorker. But be forewarned: The story is longer than you remember. Use a bookmark as needed.
duck! rabbit!The Brainteaser
Depending on how you look at it, the main character is either a duck or a rabbit. Which means the fun is reading it twice each time.
duck! rabbit!The Builder
Suspense mounts as a digger helps build a town hall. Old-timey illustrations are a break from the flashy reads you’ve been downloading.
those damn squirrels!The Newbie
Up-and-comer Adam Rubin delivers grumpy old men and pesky squirrels in his hilarious revenge caper.

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