Boston's Best Darting Spots

From novice to expert

boston best darting spots!

With a certain blockbuster movie out, we have a feeling archery is going to be big.

But for now, we’ll keep our target practice to friendly games of darts. Skills or no, now’s a great time to toss a few while tossing back a few.

Grab a Narragansett tallboy and head to The Field’s back room to get your feet wet. The shortened tossing distance and hole-riddled walls assuage your insecurities. 20 Prospect Street, Central Square (617-354-7345).

Little League
With a Chili Peppers-heavy sound track, Liverpool on the telly, and crazy shots like the Barbie (Malibu rum, coconut vodka, cranberry, and OJ), Blackthorn gives us Irish dive-bar darting at its best. Bonus points for the Emerald flag flights. 471 West Broadway, South Boston (617-269-5510).

Standard bearer J.J. Foley’s affords you lobbing privacy in the brick hallway connecting the two rooms. We quibble over the dry board scoreboard (chalk is key) but dig the ample stools and long shelving for our Guinness. 117 East Berkeley Street, South End (617-728-9101).

The Majors
Grab your customized tungsten tips and head to The People’s Republik for big-dog play. Three dart alleys bookend the roomy bar, complete with spotlights and Out Charts. Plexiglass encasing helps you dodge dart-in-forehead lawsuits (if you can manage to nab a board). 876-878 Massachusetts Avenue, Central Square (617-491-6969).


Photo: PaulDCocker / Flickr

471 W Broadway
Boston, MA 02127
The People's Republik
876-878 Massachusetts Ave
Mid-Cambridge, MA 02139
The Field
20 Prospect St
Mid-Cambridge, MA 02139
117 E Berkeley St
bt Washington St & Harrison Ave
Boston, MA 02118