Pleasure Dome Clothing

Cool-kid wares inspired by the Amish

pleasure dome!

A funny thing happened on our way to the Mennonite pie stand.

We discovered Pleasure Dome, a limited-run clothing and home goods label whose current collection is composed of vintage Amish pieces and fabrics. And now we’re singing the line’s heavenly praises.

Don’t go raising your brows (and hemlines) just yet: Scrap rugs and wall coverings are as nubby and ruggedly beautiful as one might expect from cast-off midcentury denim, cotton, and wool.

Tone-on-tone kneesocks and sack-skirt shirtdresses with contrasting waistbands are impossibly cool in a Big Love-meets-the-real-world sort of way. And true to Amish form, each piece, like paint-splashed washerwoman frocks and a heavy wool coat with attached capelet, has slight imperfections that make it unique.

It’s something you’ll just have to Witness on your own.

Available online at pleasuredome.us, $235-$1,275.

Photo: Noah Kalina / Courtesy of Pleasure Dome