App-y Day: ChoreMonster

The best way to get a helping hand

chore monster!

You play the do-you-want-dessert card to get your little excuse-maker to help around the house.

When he starts to call your bluff, look to ChoreMonster. The free web-based tool (soon to be released as iPhone and iPad apps) motivates kids to do everything from clean their bedrooms to feed the dog with interactive checklists and graphics. With a few easy steps, you customize chore lists online.

When your busy bee finishes jobs, he logs in, ticks off tasks, and racks up points, which go toward real-life rewards (ice cream, video game time, a trip to the zoo). After reaching a certain number of points, it’s bonus time: The tool releases virtual monsters onto the screen for your child to interact with.

Think of it as the icing on the cake.

To sign up, go to choremonster.com. Enter dailycandy as the invite code.

Photo: Courtesy of ChoreMonster