Babies Who Were Born to Run

ZigZag City Guides for globe-trotting tots

zigzag city guides!

When traveling with kids, the shortest distance between two points is a nonstop flight.

But once you arrive, we suggest trying ZigZag, new city guides for kids and parents with serious wanderlust.

Designed to put exploration back into the family vacation, the debut set takes on Rome and Vatican City. Thirty cards contain kid-friendly facts and activities related to must-see sights (the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain), architectural highlights (cobblestone streets, domes), and language basics (numbers, gelato flavors).

Each morning, pack the cards for the places you’ll visit in the map folder/carrying case (your child can wear it like a necklace). Once out and about, kids identify locations by matching the images (illustrations courtesy of Jayde A. Cardinalli) on the cards to the landmarks in front of them. On the back of each card are age-appropriate discussion points and activities to keep little world travelers engaged.

Next on the itinerary: guides to San Francisco and Paris. And you’re ready for takeoff.

Available at zigzagcityguides.com, $28.

Photo: Courtesy of ZigZag City Guides