Book Report: "Hand in Hand"

20 things to make with your kids

hand in hand!

Kiddie crafts have come a long way since the paper plate masks and brown bag puppets of our youth.

Thanks to the ever-expanding world of craft bloggers, there’s always an inspiring project idea a click away. (Which is helpful when you’re facing a rainy afternoon or competing with Peppa Pig for one-on-one time.)

Twenty of these talented ladies (including Amanda Blake Soule, Dana Willard, and Merrilee Liddiard) have contributed favorite do-it-together endeavors to Hand in Hand, the new crafting-with-kids book by blogger Jenny Doh.

The compilation, with photos and easy-to-follow instructions, yields all sorts of genius creations: an ABC photo book, a tooth fairy pillow, potato-printed anytime ornaments, a cardboard-box cityscape, and DIY stilts.

We’re hoping for summer showers.

Available at amazon.com, $13.