Little Threads: What to Wear to a Wedding

Nice Buzz ties for little boys

nice buzz!

If you had your way, you’d dress him in sailor suits. But your little man has other ideas.

Meet in the middle with Nice Buzz ties.

A mother-daughter team in Malaga, Spain, designs and sews the jaunty accessories. Cotton fabric in polka dots, stripes, and paisleys brighten up any summer fete; wool plaids work for wintry celebrations. Clip-on bow ties have flexible plastic closures, so he won’t tug his off after two minutes. Regular neckties sit comfortably; adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit.

If you’re finding it tricky to match his ring bearer’s tie with your Baby Sis’s lavender bridesmaid dresses, order something custom for the little guy.

Sounds dandy.

Available at etsy.com, $20-$35.

Photo: Courtesy of Nice Buzz