Editor's Pick: Empty Memory USB Sticks

Fashionable gadgets for the forgetful

empty memory usb sticks!

On the eve of my 30th birthday (yep, I said it), Empty Memory’s exquisite USB sticks bring two no-longer-twentysomething truths to mind:

1. My memory started to go long, long ago.

2. I know what I want the minute I see it. (Translation: I’d stalk an international designer halfway around the world to convince him to sell stateside.)

Design duo Yookyung Shin and Hanhsi Chen have granted my wish by launching their cast-steel and clear acrylic stunners on a U.S. dollar-friendly site. Technically speaking, they’re adornment for your laptop, but I’d gladly wear one around my neck whenever I’m not plugging it in to store files.

I know what I am getting myself for my birthday. — Tiffany, Everywhere editor

Available at vepsoe.com, $78-$97. For more geek-friendly finds, check out our favorite gadgets.