Beauty Treatments for Saving Face (and Body)

Pamper yourself all summer long

spa at mandarin oriental!

Hot mess (n.): A warm-weather state marked by sun-mottled skin, frizzed-to-there hair, calloused feet, and all-around beauty fecklessness.

Redefine your hot ’n’ humid aesthetic with these seasonal saviors.

And the Living Is Easier
So deadlines and in-law visits delayed your ability to embrace the vacation mindset. The Summer Essence massage at the The Spa at Mandarin Oriental turns that frown (and hunchback) upside down. Available through August 23, $200-$220.

Mane of Thrones
Hatching dragons is well and good, but we really worship Daenerys for her braiding prowess. SalonCapri pays plaits homage with neck-cooling updos that last for days. Available through Labor Day, $40-$85.

Polish It Off
Rarely put your foot in your mouth? No wonder: That thing is disgusting. The Sugar Reef Pedicure at MiniLuxe purges flip-flop funk with a casaba melon essential oil scrub. Add flourish with a limited-edition summer color (tangerine, lavender). Available through Labor Day, $44.

Gone to Seed
When sun-kissed becomes sun-damaged, drench your dermis via the Watermelon Facial at The Spa at Equinox. After steam, exfoliation, and massage, a moisturizing mask infuses your mug with the superfood’s rejuvenating combo of vitamins A, B6, and C. Available through August 31, $175.

Good (Hair) Day, Mate
Beach waves gone tsunami? Trephin’s Great Hydrator treatment combats frizz and sun damage with a UVA/UVB conditioner from Australian line Evo. Available through Labor Day, $25-$50.

Photo: Image Source / Getty Images