Social Events with The Good Ones

An above-average party planning group

the good ones party planning!

You are cordially invited to banish the underwhelming memories of your last speed dating/work/running club event.

Directions: Take the personality quiz assessing everything from smartphone loyalties to political leanings to Top Gear interest levels. Receive invites to gatherings of like-minded souls aligned to your social priorities (dating, networking, friends making).

What: Party details are kept under wraps, but expect experiential lighting, music, decor, and even scent design to charge your senses (the four co-founders have eclectic backgrounds in marketing, music, psychology, business, and fashion).

Where: Intimate, undersung spots around town, from hotel suites to champagne lounges.

When: Monday through Wednesday evenings, to combat early week social doldrums.

Refreshments: In addition to cocktails and nonalcoholic beverages, a unique sweet at every party gets dopamine levels elevated.

Dress code: Determined by texture rather than formality levels (if you match up for tomorrow’s debut event, wear linen, silk, or satin). Bonus: no name tags, the better to spark initial conversations.

Your presence is highly anticipated.

Register at thegoodones.co.

Photo: Glowimages / Getty Images