Arm Yourself with Previse

Your skin's first line of defense


Sun: You’ve eluded my blistering rays for two months. But over these remaining days, I’m committed to penetrating that thin veneer.

Skin: Not so fast, Mr. Shine. I’m armed with Previse, a new Cape Cod-based skin care line that prevents UVA/UVB damage.

Sun: Another ho-hum sunblock? Sooner or later you’ll forget to reapply.

Skin: It’s a three-step daily regimen that comes before the SPF. A former L’Oréal guru and a dermatologist created cooling, small-batch cleansers, tonics, and creams that proactively infuse the dermis with antioxidants and hydrators.

Sun: Fine for hearty types, maybe, but not your delicate face.

Skin: Actually, clients customize their regimens online according to skin tone, family history, geographic location, and past product use.

Sun: But I bet the products are full of chemicals that wreak havoc on their own.

Skin: The synthetic-free, sustainable ingredients, from red algae to wasabi, are as pure as they are effective. Even the shipping materials are biodegradable.

Sun: Guess I won’t get you, my pretty.

Available at previsecare.com, $34-$130.

Photo: Beth Galton / Courtesy of Previse Skin Care