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Book smart, kitchen clueless. That pretty much sums up your sustainable eating practices. (If only Michael Pollan were a roving personal chef.)

Take the thinking out of conscientious dining with The Foodery’s home-delivered craft meals.

Longtime buds John Bauer and Mike Speights left careers in real estate and finance, respectively, to share their passion for natural yet tasty food. They spend up to three months developing a single recipe and incorporate meats, grains, and produce that are organic and sustainably raised. (Bonus: Each nutritionally balanced dish caps out at 550 calories.)

Pick from four weekly selections like grass-fed bison meatballs over whole-wheat pasta and crab- and basil-stuffed mushrooms with herbed wheat berries. Come Sunday night, the precooked spreads (the dudes double as chefs) arrive in recyclable, microwavable packaging. With a six-meal weekly minimum, you can cherry-pick when to up your eating game.

And put your food politics into practice.

Available at myfoodery.com, $23 per meal.

Photo: Cat Mayer Studio / Courtesy of The Foodery