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Have a Spoonful of Cake Out

A cupcake for modern times

cake out!

Politics is messy. Cupcakes shouldn’t be.

That was Tania Myers’s platform as she went about developing Cake Out, a line of baked-and-boxed confections eaten with a spoon.

Tired of the traditional cupcake’s crummy failures, the Mashpee baker rebranded the experience, packing six layers of cake, filling, and frosting into a neat container for an equal distribution of wealth.

Flavors like cacao infusion and cracked coconut play to the masses, while saucy peanut lures undecideds with peanut butter sauce atop devil’s food cake. We’re enamored with progressive combos like salted margarita (coconut milk, lime buttercream) and eagerly await the fall roll out of maple pumpkin.

Cupcakes ship in a cooler and stay moist for up to five days, giving you just enough time to surprise your Labor Day hostess.

There’s no debate. It’s a winner.

Available at cakeout.net, $36 for six cupcakes.

Photo: Hansen Photography / Courtesy of Cake Out