Mother's Helper: Milkalicious M2 Collection

Maternity and nursing loungewear


There are certain post-baby details moms like to keep all to themselves. But without the occasional leak, we never would have discovered Milkalicious M2 loungewear.

Designed with a nursing mom’s comfort in mind, the new collection of leggings, pants, and tops manages to give support while still feeling cozy to the touch. V-neck tees are cut to flatter — and not overexpose — your newest accessories. The scoop-neck tank is extra long through the body, with generous straps wide enough to hide a nursing bra. Made from smart Modal ribbed fabric, the tees snap back to their original shapes no matter how many times you stretch, pull, or tug at the material.

Rounding out the collection: black leggings and boot cut pants that take you off the couch and into the world.

So you can really milk it.

Available at milkalicious.com, $34-$60.

Photo: Courtesy of Milkalicious