The Mixmaster

Mixie formula-mixing baby bottle


You can debate boobs vs. bottles until the cows come home, but when it comes to feeding baby there’s no perfect formula.

However, there is a perfect bottle for mixing formula on the go. Meet Mixie, a bottle designed for midnight feedings, car rides, or any other time you need to turn powder into liquid in a flash.

The bottle has two zones, so you can prepare it in advance of a feeding. Powder formula stays dry in a compartment at the base of the bottle; the main chamber holds the water. When you’re ready to mix, push a button on the bottom of the bottle to release the powder. The top pops off the compartment, the formula and water commingle, and you shake things up.

Despite the number of pieces, the bottle is easy to use.

Just like nature intended.

Available at rightstart.com, $5-$22. For more information, go to mixiebaby.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Mixie