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We're Sweet on Spindler Confections

What's old is new again

spindler confections!

Dear Grams,

We write to make amends. For years, we mocked your affinity for bizarre, anachronistic sweets like fondant and nougat.

Thanks to Spindler Confections, we see the light. The Somerville-based confectioner creates artisanal treats that have us syrupy over throwback tastes.

As a child, Jeremy Spindler spent hours whipping up fudge and almond bark with his mom. After the Great Depression recession, the music composer and Harvard University teaching fellow turned his longstanding hobby into a business.

Nans, you have to admire his kitchen genius: Tender brittles include nuts both classic (peanut, pecan) and unexpected (cashew); caramels contain sea salt and Vermont-sourced maple sugar; amaretto cherry cordials are made with ganache.

Not only is each batch preservative free (no candy-bowl fossils here), but everything’s made to order and shipped within 48 hours of creation.

Off to spend your birthday fiver,

Available at spindlerconfections.com, $10-$20.

Photo: Courtesy of Spindler Confections