Carpool Playlist: Ozomatli

A grown-up band goes back to school


For more than a decade, Ozomatli has been a grown-up band, playing songs about grown-up issues (immigration, gang violence, Hurricane Katrina). Now, with a new project, little ears are tuning in, too.

Introducing OzoKidz, a new endeavor that takes the L.A. group back to school with songs about everything from germs to spelling to photosynthesis. In “Water,” they wax about the difference between salt and tap water, and geysers and lake drops. And in “Sun and Moon,” they Auto-Tune their way through explaining how the sky flips from day to night.

By constantly shifting musical styles — dancehall, merengue, rock, and hip-hop — they make things fun for parents, too.

And you thought there was a generation gap.

Available at amazon.com, $9.

Photo: Christian Lantry / Courtesy of Ozomatli