Urban Soiree Plans Your Perfect Party

(Wo)man with a plan

urban soiree chicago!

Your stuffed animals lied to you.

Plastic dessert doesn’t actually taste good.

Plan a more palatable party with Urban Soiree Chicago. The just-launched biz specializes in organizing smaller get-togethers from start to finish (showers, birthdays, dinner parties; sorry, weddings are a no-go).

Owner Elaine Frei went to RISD for landscape architecture; she harnesses those same skills for impeccably presented (think Anthropologie), low-cost events.

From decor (decoupaged books, paper cranes, hanging orbs, dried grasses) to menu (a food lover, Frei will help choose dishes and art-direct plating), signage (place cards) to favors (homemade popcorn; sweets from local bakeshops), she does it all — including invites.

Need a photographer? Frei’s got one. She’ll even help outfit your fine self (her fashion industry pal will happily take you shopping).

What a doll.

For more information, go to urbansoireechicago.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Urban Soiree Chicago