Fall 2012 Wedding Guide

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luke aaron!

“Keep it intimate.” “Hire a brass band.” Nanoseconds after you announced the big news, the advice came pouring in. Counter the noise with creative solutions that give you the last nuptial word.

They say: “I know a great discount dress store.”
You say: (… overstuffed with castoffs that make a girl want to cry.)

North End atelier (and former New York-based costume designer) Luke Aaron designs showstopping, made-to-order wonders that justify every last dollar. Pending grooms get similar royal treatment (free drinks) at the just-opened Alton Lane showroom, which employs a virtual body scan to help tailor the perfect tux.

heirloom catering!“Just go with chicken and fish.”
(It would be nice if guests actually enjoyed the meal.)

The duo behind The Skinny Beet catering starts from scratch, interviewing couples about their culinary tastes before customizing a menu heavy on comfort. Heirloom Catering sources all its ingredients from area farms to plate seasonable, sustainable entrees like wild mushroom ravioli and pork tenderloin with apple chutney.

“Don’t subject your guests to a destination wedding.”
(A convenient jaunt out of town never hurt anybody.)

Newly available for events, the Water Street restaurant at Harbor View Hotel affords a four-season panoramic ocean view — and an easy launching pad to explore the Vineyard. The bucolic Warfield House Inn lets wedding guests frolic with pigs, llamas, and cows before heading to the on-site function hall.

“A wedding planner will hijack the whole affair.”
(The right person is more than welcome to take the reins.)

The creatives behind Gold + Bee stage homespun yet meticulous affairs that incorporate their own vintage furniture and handmade accessories.

b.impressed!“You’ll thank everyone later.”
(I don’t want people to hate me.)

B.Impressed thinks beyond the wedding invitation with courteous letterpress requests (“Will you be my bridesmaid?”) and thank-you notes for jewelers, florists, and caterers.

“The best beauty regimen is lots of sleep.”
(No way Kate Middleton relied solely on shut-eye.)

A series of potent yet gentle aroma lift facials at The Spa at Mandarin Oriental guarantees no lingering redness come wedding day. Julie Erickson at Endurance Pilates and Yoga charges brides through an affordable eight-week series of classes ($199) that focuses on the dress-exposed back and arms.

“You have to have a cake — it’s tradition.”
(The world has had its fill of buttercream.)

EHChocolatier builds truffle towers that let guests pick and choose their chocolate sin of choice. Cut into a multitiered cake of Brie, Gouda, and Gruyere — Wasik’s can stack up to five wheels for a savory alternative.

off the grid!“Extended-family honeymoons are the new trend.”
(Who are these crazy people?!)

Dare Mom to track you down with an adventurous sojourn to Peru, Morocco, or Belize led by the Wakefield-based Off the Grid Excursions.

You’ve made your point.

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Photos: Diego Navarro / Courtesy of Luke Aaron; Courtesy of Heirloom Catering; Courtesy of B.Impressed; Courtesy of Off the Grid Excursions