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Snack on LickPops Frozen Treats

Too cool for school

lickpops frozen treats!

You pretend to be mature when it comes to food, but sometimes (snack packs, fruit that comes in a roll) your age seems closer to your shoe size.

Please a youthful palate with gourmet frozen desserts from LickPops, a serious upgrade from any stick slung from an ice cream van.

Pop star Liko Soules-Ono credits his cool genes to Grandma (he enjoyed her inventive recipes during his Hawaiian childhood). He makes his treats in small batches using all-natural and locally sourced ingredients.

What you get depends on what’s in season. Celebrate SF’s Indian summer by BYOP-ing a variety of Poptails (white sangria; peach mojito; or our favorite, Campari and grapefruit) to Dolores or get experimental with creamy sweet corn or coconut lime.

Who says licks are for kids?

Available on weekends at SoMa Streat Food Park, 428 11th Street, at Harrison Street, $3. Available for delivery weekdays, twenty pop minimum, $2 each, plus $5 delivery charge in SF. For current flavors and locations, follow @lickicepops on Twitter.

Photo: Courtesy of LickPops

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428 11th St
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