Affordable Massage Treatments Around Town

Feel better, pay less

massage therapy!

Sometimes you feel like a spa; sometimes you don’t. When knots won’t stand for candles and ocean sounds, head to one of these common sense massage spots for focused (and affordable) bodywork.

Substance Over Style
Ever ordered a rubdown like a hamburger? It’s one of the charms of Rainbow Health Center, an Asian-style massage center that forgoes niceties for to-the-point therapy. Choose your treatment off a wall menu, then get straddled and pummeled, with extra time saved for the shoulders, face, and neck. $59 for 60 minutes.

Pain for Pleasure
At Pathways to Wellness, longtime shiatsu practitioner Edie Snow begins by reviewing your overall wellness and day-to-day bodily travails. During a clothed session, she goes to town on both acute and chronic ills, using not-for-the-weak acupressure and stretching. Your IT band will never be the same. $85 for 50 minutes, plus $15 for initial intake.

Run, Don’t Walk
We dash to any massage center that caters to marathon runners. The Boston Bodyworker’s seasoned therapists meld various modalities, from deep tissue to myofascial, to mend particular woes. Relaxation continues once you’re done, thanks to the health insurance discount and no-tipping policy. $104 for 60 minutes with health care discount.

Truth in Advertising
Happy Feet Spa says what it does and does what it says. After submerging your feet in warm herbed water, a therapist performs an intense neck, shoulder, and arm rubdown. Then comes the real magic: 30 minutes spent targeting the pressure points of your arches, toes, ankles, and calves. You’ll be ready for new stilettos — if you don’t swear off them forever. $60 for 60 minutes.

Photo: Marili Forastieri / Getty Images