Play It Again: EBK Robots

The softest little androids around

ebk robots!

Robots aren’t known for being overly snuggly. (Blame it on the cold, hard metal and constant beep-bo-bee outbursts.)

EBK Robots have landed to change the stereotype. Baltimore mother Jennifer Cooper (who also produces the snappy e-zine Classic Play) teamed up with her mom and sis to create the handmade plush toys. Each is crafted from renewable plant-based materials, so they’re as easy on the environment as they are soft to the touch.

In seven bright happy hues, you’ll want to start a collection. To keep an android brigade from taking over the playroom, the softies come with their own cardboard carrying cases.

That certainly computes.

Available at ebkrobots.com, $30.

Photo: Courtesy of EBK Robots