Colour Bloc Improves Your Surroundings

Graduate from philistine to savvy collector

colour bloc!

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Turns out, those walls can talk — but they spend most days sobbing over their lack of artistic adornment.

Dry your eyes, sweet Sheetrock, and prepare for illustrative company, courtesy of Colour Bloc’s art consulting services. Amelia Eichholz, a dual School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts grad, interned at Anthropologie and honed her skills as a Samson Gallery consultant before launching her biz.

First, Eichholz email-queries clients on a range of issues (medium preference, budget, a room’s current color scheme). With general guidelines in hand, she scouts paintings and drawings from galleries and studios, as well as online resources like Art.sy, Uprise Art, and even Pinterest.

Make your final selection from three modern artists/works, guided by her focused yet eclectic suggestions. Eichholz handles all those “why I don’t collect” stressors like price negotiation, framing, and delivery.

She’s got it covered from all angles.

To schedule a consultation, email amelia@colour-bloc.com, $35 per hour. For more information, go to colour-bloc.com.

Photos: Jaclyn Lombardo Photography / Courtesy of Colour Bloc